Dear DND users, with the latest update of the benchmark website you can now see detailed results of your own and public submissions by clicking on the eye button in the result tables. Please let me know if you find any glitches. Best regards, Tobias

Detailed submission results

Dear DND users, starting from July 1 2018 we will introduce a monthly limit of allowed submission evaluation. You will be able to evaluate 5 submissions per month. For June 2018 you can still evaluate as many submissions as you like. We introduce this change to avoid overfitting and hyperparameter […]

Limit on number of monthly submission evaluations

We are happy to announce that our online submission system is now open. To submit your results, please visit the submission page. There you first need to enter some information describing your submission. In the next step you can upload your denoised images. Once all images are uploaded, you can […]

Online submission system open

We have made available the benchmark dataset. To participate in our benchmark, please register now and check out data and code files in our download section. We will shortly make available an online submission system that you can use to evaluate your denoising results. For the time being, please get […]

Benchmark dataset available

We are happy to announce that the website of our new Darmstadt Noise Dataset (DND) is now up and running! We provide a new denoising benchmark based on realistic noisy images captured with various consumer-grade cameras. For more information, see the overview over our dataset. We encourage you to read […]

Website online